September 3rd, 2009

Damien Michaels

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When I have a rough day in the writing mines - and today was rough, thanks - I thank God that I can unwind, go through my files, and post yet another porno story from the olden days. This one stars Damien Michaels, whom I admittedly met only once in my entire life, on the set of a Bukkake - can’t remember who the target was - in fall 2005. A dangerous and distressing shoot it was, yielding zilch for my never-to-be-finished documentary, aside from this bizarre and enticing mini-interview, post-game, with one D. Michaels.

I suppose if you’ve been following the narrative trajectory over here, then you’ll realize that I have a soft spot in my heart for male porno studs who never make it out of the minors. They are famous to no one. They star in literally thousands of movies as bravely anonymous meatsticks. The camera never rightly pans up to their face but for a sick and perverted cutaway shot during softcores as the fake pop arrives and they awkwardly goat it up, the carrier of a false orgasm. These men? My heroes.

And Damien Michaels has a wonderful Bronx accent, doesn’t he? Four years ago I interviewed him, acknowledged the greatness of his Bronxness, and never thought any better of it. But this fall, I happened to put two and two together - and I thought to myself, Jesus Christ, is Damien Michaels the same dude whose audio clip I’ve been listening to off and on for like ten years and playing for my friends because it is so supremely awesome and so supremely campy and so supremely 80’s PORNO??

It could be, friends. It could be.

So why don’t you just sit back and listen closely to this semi-Anonymous 1980’s or 90’s Cheesed-Out Audio Clip that features a finely spun Thespian style line delivery on the count of two big-boobed/heavy-penised individuals and tell me - is it Him??

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