August 31st, 2009

Ashley Blue and Alec Knight

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I’m a huge Ashley Blue fan, and if you know me at all, then you’ve probably heard me go on at length about her. But I have never talked about Alec Knight. I have never even thought about him much. But he is an interesting case.

Alec Knight - 37 years old, according to AVN’s website - is a porn dude who doesn’t really seem to fit the moldy mold. Sure, he’s got a big honker, but then, he wouldn’t be able to compete in the game without one.

Alec is white, a gentle sort of porn beast, pleasant to be around and basically a witty son of a bitch. He lacks the Brandon Iron pathology, the Luciano beast-inside, and the Mark Wood creepiness. Basically Alec Knight seems like one of the guys you were friends with in high school and used to go off to lunch with. To get a chicken sandwich. If Knight were played by some actor in a Hollywood movie, it would be Seth Rogen.

Does that make him boring? Not in my book. Knight’s vanilla, yes, but in an industry filled with so many peppermint-jalapeƱo-gravy-boat caramel scoops of orange sherbet, we need some straight up regulars thrown in there.

Hmm. Not knocking Knight, but I certainly would never want to watch him fuck. I used to go to a lot of Jim Powers shoots, and Jim would constantly hire dudes who you really never wanted to see naked: Otto Bauer, Alex Sanders, Nick East, Trent Tesoro, Johnny Thrust, Jenner and so on. Basically every B to C-List level white guy you could think of. A-List white guys usually get smart and try to own their own content after a while - after all, if people can actually stand to watch you fuck, then you might as well just get ten grand together, hire yourself, and make a killing doing it.

But that begs the question - is anyone really making a killing in porn anymore? I am so disconnected from real life porn these days - I don’t keep in touch with Jim Powers, I’ve lost track of Khan Tusion, Wanker’s dead, Ashley doesn’t really keep in touch anymore - that I can hardly tell. I hear the rumors: porn is down 40 percent. But my only real friend from the biz is Billy Watson, and I don’t even know if he’d give me a straight answer on the finances of the situation. If he would, then maybe I’d ask him - hey, man, in this economic collapse, how is porn holding up? I mean, really. And don’t cut any corners. Give me the straight dope, man.

The numbers on porn are really hard to run, because everybody lies. Why would they tell the truth, anyway?

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