August 26th, 2009

Lucky Starr: Favorite Son

YouTube Preview Image

I can’t believe I haven’t put anything up about Lucky yet!

If I had to pick a favorite performer from my time shooting, then it would be Lucky. It just would. Fair or not. Wesley had the charisma and Pumper the body of death and Brandon Iron’s the most fascinatin’ and Belladonna was the Supastar . . . but Lucky was like my friend. I have no idea where the connection came from since we came from about the most different backgrounds that you could think of, me from a ruralized suburb in North Carolina and Lucky from the hard streets of Chicago, where he became a gang member at a very young age . . . but we were joined at the heart in this weird way and he led me on some porno adventures, to Captain Bob’s house where I saw real live tweakers in jean shorts and to Venice to look up some old school heads who wouldn’t let me keep my shoes on in their apartment, cramped and dingy as it was, it was a spiritual zone. Lucky, who would wear a suit to set about half the time, for some ungodly reason, looking like a 7th Day Adventist preacher, had a mother who was a Wiccan priestess. Yes. She was. Lucky had a grandmother who was a porn aficionado. She enjoyed watching herself some porn, yes she did, thank you very much. When Lucky went to a set he was under instructions to bring back all the free porn he could handle, for Grandma, don’t you see.

This video was taken on the very first day that I met him, in the summer of 2002. He was going on about his girlfriend Kiss, whom I believe he eventually married. For a time.

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