July 29th, 2009

Genevieve DeKay: Goth Porn Girl

YouTube Preview Image

The onslaught of the video vault continues.

Genevieve DeKay was one of about thirty girls I shot doing interracial semi-pro porn in Long Beach in  fall of 2001 - summer of 2002. Amongst her contemporaries are forgotten luminaries like Cherie (a Jewish girl who was kinda thick, had hebrew tatted onto her back, and appeared in Ice-T’s porn movie, in the hot muggy summer ‘02), Buffy Sinclair, Cindy Pink (aka Felecia), Alana Evans (where is she now?), “Honey” (I saw her again in late 2004 at an all-female bukkake; never mind), Bree Brooks (a tall Scandinavian who once starred in Thom Zupko’s Ass Clowns 3), Venus (former Penthouse Pet with an adorable bi-racial toddler and a Baby Daddy who stalked her - well - she was stalkable), and a few actresses who probably never even got names, they were so temporary. DK - Derrick King - supplied many of the actresses, though in the case of Genevieve, I got her from Reb’s Pretty Girl, International, home of Reb Sawitz, one and only.

Genevieve is notable mostly because she represented the beginning of a trend: the Suicide Girl, or the alt-porn star. I don’t know what became of Genevieve in the end - she was very nice - and whether she did in fact become a Suicide Girl - I suppose a simple internet search would tell me, but I just don’t have the patience - but she was about as close to the stereotype as you could get without having an eyebrow piercing.

I really have no stance on the whole SG/Eon McKai/Alt-porn trend - I like to mention it every so often, because I’m interested in fashion and trends as they pertain to porn - whatever people like to masturbate to, I’ll happily salute. I for one didn’t find Genevieve’s style overwhelmingly attractive - maybe that’s why I was able to conduct this interview with her with a minimum of sleaze. It really made things easier when I would shoot actresses for whom I had no desire, in fact. I would ruin everything by panting all over their aroma like a sick dog. But I was very horny throughout my career as a young pornographer. It was hard not to desire these young girls with near perfect bodies and the willingness to expose them. Really, things got simpler when I shot gay porn (04-05). I was so much more of an ethical person about the workplace. Perhaps I should be castrated. It would solve so many problems. Went to a Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson/ John Mellencamp concert last night at a minor-league ballpark and just walked around the track endlessly, glooming over girls and their bodies. My jaw hanging open. Things would be so much more simple in a world where I had no testicles. I can’t wait to get old.

Oh, and here’s a minor point of trivia in the case of Genevieve: she said during this interview that this was her first video shoot, and later I found out that she was lying. I have no idea why she fibbed - was she attempting to get a better paycheck? I paid her what I paid everybody else, $800. I never paid anybody more or less if this was their first time on camera or first anal or first interracial or anything. Why did she feel the need to lie to me? It’s such an unimportant question but I pose it anyway. The stakes are low, in blogville - I can pose anything I want.

Will I ever find out? Will Genevieve herself eventually find this post or perhaps more likely, the video of her interview on YouTube - and contact me to clear up this little mystery? The power of the internet: reuniting me with a pre-Suicide Girls goth porn actress ten years after the fact, to explain why she lied. You have to love it.

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